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Safety & Security

Using a credit card on the internet is just not as secure as the banks would like you to think, there is just too much opportunity for your 16-digits to fall into the bad guy's hands.

With $4 billion lost every year to credit card fraud, there is a better solution. That's where your mobile phone comes in, as it is handled only by you. It's simply a lot safer and quicker than credit cards for online transactions.

Text2Pay Safety - we take it seriously!

Text2Pay has many different security systems in place to detect and prevent fraud. Working closely with the leading mobile carriers and online merchants we are able to ensure that your online purchases are safe and secure.

We work closely with VeriSign and TRUSTe to ensure your mobile experience is safe and secure. None of your personal details are recorded. So you can have fun knowing you're protected at the same time.

VeriSign and TRUSTe certified!

The Text2Pay Team

We have a skilled and dedicated security team working around the clock to insure that we have the most secure payment service possible. We've built payment and fraud systems that have worked time and time again to prevent fraud and keep our users safe.

We stand by our secure systems and aim to make your experience a pleasant and safe one! You'll get what you pay for. No hidden fees or costs here!

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