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US Merchants

No setup or monthly fees and receive upto 65% of the revenue!

Text2Pay offers a new way to charge customers from your website! If you're an online business selling virtual goods or services you are in the right place. Text2Pay enables merchants to sell goods online and charge their customers cell phones for purchases. We place a button on your payment page called "Pay by Fone" so your customers can select the mobile payment method - Its Mobile Payments Made Easy!

Pay by mobile

Text2Pay is designed to work alongside existing credit card payment options increasing sales conversions and payment options.

  • Easy, Safe & Secure
    Text2Pay has no pre-registration and no new software is required, most transactions are completed within 10 seconds and are easy, safe and secure!
    Secure payaments with Text2Pay!
  • Dynamic Pricing
    No more fixed pricing, Text2Pay offers "Dynamic Pricing" enabling you to charge anything between $0.99 and upto $100* (max limits apply per carrier).
  • Increased Revenue Share
    Traditionally mobile carriers take 50% of the transaction value, leaving you with 50% of the revenue! Now with Text2Pay you receive upto 65% of the revenue!
  • Reduced Fraud & Chargebacks!
    With two-factor PIN/ZIP code authentication for each transaction - Text2Pay is more secure than any credit card transaction. The PIN/ZIP code pair is only valid for 60 seconds reducing your fraud & chargebacks!
  • Suitable Merchants
    Online Classifieds
    Virtual Goods & Services
    Online Shops
    Game Developers
    Software, Music & Movie Downloads
    Adult and/or gambling services not supported
  • Increased Conversion Rates
    With credit card conversion rates often under 10%, Text2Pay offers an easy way to increase your conversion rates to over 50% with safe & secure mobile payments!
  • Can I Customize the Payment Experience?
    Text2Pay enables merchants to customize the payment experience by using their own look & feel and logo.
  • Payout Percentages
    Verizon Wireless - 65% + $0.25*
    AT&T - 59% + $0.25*
    Sprint - 55% + $0.25*
    T-Mobile - 62% + $0.25*
    * per completed transaction
No setup or monthly fees for US Merchants, it is free to join and you receive upto 70% of the revenue!

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