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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know how Text2Pay works?

How to get up and running?

Or how much money you could be making?

01. What is Text2Pay?

Text2Pay is a mobile payments provider that enables consumers to pay for goods online, safely and easily using their cell phones. No bank account or credit card is required. A text message is sent to the customer's phone and the balance is taken from their phone bill. With the best value transaction rates in the market, merchants can rely on Text2Pay to improve their conversion rates, increase revenues and grow their international customer base.

02. How do Text2Pay mobile payments work?

Merchants simply integrate a Text2Pay widget into their online offering. Customers then select to pay via text, enter their phone number, and then complete the transaction by replying to a text message without having to leave your site or having to sign up.

03. Why should I add Text2Pay as a payment option?

Text2Pay is a simple, effective way of monetizing your online offering or adding depth to your current payment options. With no credit card details required you are able to access a wider range of customers, particularly those without credit cards or bank accounts and you can expect your conversion rates to soar across all customer segments. We offer market leading transaction rates and can help you customize your pricing solution so you can either carry or pass on the carrier charges.

04. Can I expect higher conversion rates compared to credit card payments?

It depends on what context Text2Pay is implemented but in the general answer is YES! Text2Pay allows you to shift from conversion rates often under 10% with credit cards to over 50% with Text2Pay. The ease and simplicity of the payment service combined with a larger proportion of your customers able to pay means your revenues should soar.

05. Yes, but what about Carrier charges? Are they significant?

Mobile carriers typically charge anything between 30-45% depending on the carrier. However the general uplift in your revenues resulting from the expected higher transaction volumes should more than make up for this increased cost.

06. What additional transaction fees do you charge?

Text2Pay's fee has an industry leading transaction rate of 10% taken on each transaction. Competing providers can charge as much as 20%.

07. What carriers and countries do you cover?

Text2Pay has worked hard to build trusting carrier relationships in over 50 countries and can compete with any major payments provider on coverage. See our coverage page for the latest details of country by country coverage.

08. How do I get started? How does it work?

Just fill out our merchant signup form and once we've reviewed it we will get back to you with more information and send you your merchant account details.

09. What businesses do you work with?

We're fairly open minded about who we work with, but we do perform a risk and regulatory assessment on all potential merchants before we open an account with you. We do work with small and start-up businesses and don't have a size limit. Generally our service works best for online merchants selling virtual content and mobile application developers.

10. What is required to integrate the service in my offering?

To integrate our widget you will need to:

  • Embed our widget into your site using some code.
  • Choose the currency you want to be paid.
  • Identify the countries in which you want to activate.
  • Provide us with a callback URL.
  • Get started.

11. How long does it take to get integrated?

Depending on your level of complexity and customization required you can expect to be integrated in anything from 24 hours to one to two weeks.

12. What can I customize?

You will be able to customize the look and feel of the widget and certain elements of the user flow. Whilst we ensure the maximum degree of customization as possible, some elements of the three step process remains standard as we have to meet different carrier standards and also regulations for fraud protection purposes.

13. What about payments?

Once your account has been established and your initial funds start to come in, Text2Pay will pay out on the 15th of the following month (i.e. August revenue is paid on September 15th). However, it may take as long as 60 days for you to receive your first payment, due to carrier lags in payment. Once your initial payment has been made, your revenue payments will not be held unnecessarily. At Text2Pay we pride ourselves in our reliability and ensure regular payment cycles. Also, please be aware your revenue will need to reach $USD50 before you will be paid.

14. How do you handle international currencies?

Text2Pay is a global business and as such allows you to be paid in a range of currencies (USD, GBP or EUR). In turn your customers in each country will pay for their goods in their home currency and once the transaction has cleared it will be converted to your preferred currency according to the relevant exchange rates of the day. As a result these may vary slightly from day to day.

15. Do you provide merchant/developer support?

Yes we do. Once you are approved, we will assist you to familiarize yourself with the API and advise on best ways to integrate the widget into your offering.

16. Do you provide support for my customers?

We sure do. We have a specialist multi-national customer support line that customers can contact in the event of problems. We can coordinate with your customer support team also.

17. How do I get paid my Bitcoin transaction revenue?

Currently we pay any Bitcoin (BTC) revenue to our merchants in BTC (not in fiat currency; eg: USD, AUD etc) to your nominated Bitcoin Payment Address.

18. Do any fees apply to Bitcoin transactions done via Text2Pay?

Yes, for normal transactions we keep 5% of the gross transaction. For expedited transactions, we keep a further 0.5% (which goes to the Bitcoin node(s) that process the transaction as a priority).

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