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Tap2Pay™ enables merchants to integrate Text2Pay mobile payments into their mobile site or application. Tap2Pay™ offers two solutions for all merchants willing to reach their customers' mobile devices. The new HTML5 Web Mobile Payment Flow and In-App Payments for Android devices. See below to find out more and to get started!

The new HTML5 Web Mobile Payment Flow now enables your customers to make payments using their mobile device anywhere, anytime! The integration of the new flow is automatically done when you first integrate mobile payments into your website.

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If you are looking for an in-app payment solution for Android devices look no further! Tap2Pay™ enables developers to integrate mobile payments into their application with a simple API and Java Library. All you need to do is download the Tap2Pay™ Java Library and paste it into your Android application project build path.

When you have finished downloading the Tap2Pay™ Java Library, take a look at the Java Documentation to find out about classes and methods to interact with the Tap2Pay™ API.

In-app payments are immediately available to consumers once Tap2Pay™ is integrated into the mobile application.

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Tap2Pay™ enables developers to charge their users for premium application features or virtual credits. This in-app payment solution offers developers a momentous revenue opportunity with the ability to monetize any mobile application in over 70 countries and with a consumer reach of 95-100%.

Tap2Pay™ offers single tap purchasing through carrier billing, built-in support for one-off and subscription items along with virtual currency and virtual goods transactions.

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